How does it work ?
This is an interview website. We upload Interviews. Users can write blogs. Your comments will be held for further review and blogs as well. Once it's approved you can see live. Bloggers won't need further approval once they become certified bloggers.
How can I register?
User can register with an Indian mobile no. (compulsory) and valid email (optional). You will get an OTP on both your mobile no. and email as well. Verify with the OTP and all done.
Is this email is important for future?
Yes. Of course it is . Otherwise you will be locked out in case of password forgetting. So please, keep it safe for future.
How can I write an opinion ?
You can write an opinion after sign in.
I didn't see my opinion live how long will it take ?
Once you upload your opinion we will live it as soon as possible after review.
Can I write malicious opinions ?
Just don't think about it. We won't enable it. You might end up loosing your account.
In what languages we publish videos ?
We will try as many languages to cover but initially we started from Rajasthani.
Who is the interviewer ?
Rajesh Kumar Jangir. Yalsar
What if I deactivate my account ?
We already mentioned keep the mail safe you got when activated your account just reactivate by clicking the link.
I can't see my video on home page, why ?
You can see only most viewed videos on home page. For more videos please, click on view all yalsar.
How can I bring my interview on home page with photo ?
If your interview's view numbers are increased more than current 3 videos it will appear automatically.
Who can appear in interview ?
Anyone can appear regarding race,region, religion or status. Provided we can cover you.
What is this blog house ?
This is a place where you can write down and bring forward your ideas, experiences, achievements and inspirations etc.
How can I advertise here ?
Contact details are given on the website. Just contact us. We're always ready to help you.