CBSE Re-Exam: Class 10 Maths, Class 12 Economics - All You Need To Know

In a shocking move, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Wednesday announced re-exam for Class 10 Math and Class 12 Economics over reports of people leak. One of country's most renowned Education Board said that the re-exam would be conducted "to uphold the sanctity of the Board Examinations and in the interest of the fairness to the students". The re-examination dates, however, will be announced early next week, it said. Students are holding protests at Jantar Mantar in Delhi against the CBSE's decision to hold re-examination. Some also feel that feel many other question papers were leaked before the exams. People with direct knowledge of the matter in the crime branch said that people have access to exam papers were initially charging Rs. 35,000 for it. Some parents resold it to other parents to cover their cost, that is how the price of leaked paper fell from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 5,000. The Delhi crime branch said that at least 1,000 students could have accessed the leaked papers. Here's everything you need to know about CBSE re-exam: How the CBSE paper got leaked According to the First Information Report, the CBSE received a fax last Friday, which said a man who runs a coaching class in Delhi was leaking question papers. The CBSE handed over the fax to the police a day later. The fax that tipped off the board had alleged that the leaked paper originated from a man called Vicky, who runs a coaching institute in Rajinder Nagar in west Delhi. A hand-written question paper of the Class 12 Economics examination had allegedly been circulating on WhatsApp a day before the examination. Many questions in this leaked paper were the same that appeared in the actual examination, suggested reports. What Prime Minister said on CBSE Paper leak Prime Minister Narendra Modi who conducted an interactive session, "Pariksha Par Charcha" with the "exam warriors" before the Board examinations, expressed his displeasure over the CBSE paper leak. He dialed the HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar to express unhappiness and demanded a strict action against the perpetrators. What HRD Minister said on CBSE Re-Exam HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said that it is not the ministry but the board that conducts these examinations and said, "2-3 papers had been leaked on WhatsApp 30 minutes before the exams and we have made a complaint to the Delhi police regarding it." He announced that the government will now work on a robust system to make paper leaks impossible in the future. Saying that "nobody has the right to play with the lives of children", Mr Javadekar assured that the culprits will definitely be caught. CBSE's Reaction on re-exam and paper leak CBSE chief Anita Karwal said the decision to hold fresh exams in two papers for nearly 2 million students, was taken "in favour of children". "We are working for the children. We will also announce the dates very soon. Nobody needs to worry. We have taken a decision in favour of the children," Ms Karwal said. What Opposition said on CBSE re-exam The CBSE exam leak gave opportunity to the Opposition to lash out at the government. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted: "How many leaks? Data leak! Aadhar leak! SSC Exam leak! Election date leak! CBSE papers leak! There is a leak in everything, the 'chowkidar' is weak," Congress President Rahul Gandhi said in tweet.

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